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New Dating-Sim Game Coming Soon

2015-02-18 02:21:45 by nabylsoft

I'm planning on developing a new Dating-Sim game. The concept is roughly the same like the "Infinite School Trouble" game that I published before, but slightly better & interesting (Hopefully). Well, may I know what do you think about my idea? Any recommendations? Or Should I make "Infinite School Trouble 2" instead?


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2015-02-19 21:39:09

Definitely make Infinite School Trouble 2. I would love to see that as a series. And make it so much more sexy xD

nabylsoft responds:

Yeah. Sounds like a good idea. =D


2015-03-11 01:54:55

How about make a game? not a click and read? The first "game" should be titled as a demo or something. So people know not to expect to much from something that's not a game but more of a novel.


2015-07-17 05:30:12

was very shocked with her interview to say the least lmao

nabylsoft responds:

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed the Demo gameplay. lol.


2015-10-07 03:37:18

It should be a game that has robot girls that you don't know are robots because they look exactly like teenage high school girls

it should have fights against cyborg gangsters.

We need more "chocolate icecream"

It will epic.

nabylsoft responds:

All right... I'll make a game about robot girls that have big boobs... lol...


2017-06-24 23:20:38

hey dude ? are u still going to make a school trouble 2 ? i liked it alot... would love to play the second part.